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There are many reasons to stop on the highway when embarking on a long road trip. So, the experts at AMSOIL Dealer - Carol Bell in Austin share their best tips for driving after dark and in low-light settings.

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People can stop the car during a road trip due to a breakdown or to have a break. Yet, you can't just slow down the pace and get out of the vehicle. It would be best to take several measures at such high speeds to guarantee unassailable stops.

Before You Take on the Road

Driving after dark will always involve more challenges. For instance, you must remain more vigilant and sharp in your skills behind the wheel. Maintaining focus is vital, but you must also take precautions to improve safety for everyone in the car. You might be using a few of these suggestions when driving at night. Still, it's worth noting them again so you won't miss them. In contrast, other tips apply only to driving on the highway after sunset. Keep scrolling!

You Can Forgo Driving

Driving at night is not recommended for rookie drivers. Going on the road requires some skill and a strong sense of direction. So, AMSOIL Dealer - Carol Bell suggests practicing in simpler, low-light environments. This will give you a chance to know what you're getting into.

When Traveling on the Road

Before you head out, you can plan your routes or take breaks before the sun sets. This will let your resume your trip when dawn comes. You can also switch driving duties with your co-pilot and learn from them along the way if they are more skilled.

Using Optimal Lighting

Turning on your lights when driving after dark is the first step to driving on the highway at night. It may be a blatant suggestion, but it's worth including. Also, the best time to turn on your lights is when you notice shadowless vehicles. This moment could even unfold at noon if it's foggy. This may come as no surprise. Still, turning on the low beams is the most valuable and practical advice. These lights are there not only to brighten the track but also as a means to be noticed by other drivers. You can locate the low beams buttons with a headlight stamp that resembles a capital D, with a few tilted lines on the side.

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Be Careful With Speeding

There is no reason to speed up at night. Don't do it even if you have a clear path ahead of you. It would be best to respect the speed limits as these are set due to the road conditions and the influx of cars. Plus, you must never forget that your speed limits your reaction time and field of vision.

Rest When You Are Too Tired to Drive

Driving at night while feeling tired is a combo for disaster. The road might get predictable, and the late hours will take a toll on you by making you tired. So, it would be best to drive when you're fully awake and rested.

When You Have No Other Choice but to Drive

If you have to head out while feeling drowsy, you can ask your co-pilot to keep a constant conversation to keep your brain active. You can also listen to music, sing, eat energizing snacks, or chew gum. Drink your coffee, and hope for the best. If the sleepiness continues, you'd better switch turns with your co-pilot. Or, you can stop the car to rest and get some sleep in a safe place before you carry on.

High Beams

Learning how to turn on the high beams is extremely important when driving after dark. Using only the high beams would be best when no vehicle is oncoming or in front of you. These lights are designed to brighten dark roads so you can see the road even if you're far back. Try to observe several meters ahead to ensure you have enough reaction time in case of an obstruction. Remember, you can find many obstacles on the highway, such as animals, targets, people, or even traffic jams.

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