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Having a boat demands extreme and punctual maintenance to keep it afloat and in good condition. Thus, the experts at AMSOIL Dealer - Carol Bell in Austin shed light on the importance of boat maintenance.

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The Cooling System in Boats

In freshwater systems, water enters the hose with the pump and flows into the engine to cool it immediately. Most new engines on these marine vehicles and boats have a built-in cooling system: a small reservoir on top of the motor that uses both freshwater and antifreeze to regulate everything. Water circulates inside the engine and heat exchanger while absorbing heat from the engine and continues to be pumped through the hose. However, it only flows past the heat exchanger shield: it absorbs heat from the freshwater through the guard and is expelled out the exhaust.

Advantages of the Antifreeze System

The benefits of a built-in antifreeze cooling system are significant, particularly if you're sailing in saltwater. This tends to form a lot of rust when the engine operates above 140°C or 284ºF. In the freshwater system, it runs inside the protector and ports. When rust forms, it can restrict water flow and cause the engine to overheat and get damaged. On engines with an antifreeze cooling system, the liquid that flows into the engine guard and ports is pure water with antifreeze fluid. The only component where freshwater flows by itself is in the heat exchanger, and there the same oxidation can occur.

Cleaning the Cooling System

When the water flow is limited and the motor overheats, you can clean the system with a bit of acid and continue to use the boat. In the worst case, you will have to change the heat exchanger. This will be much cheaper than replacing the entire motor. Other components essential in the cooling system, whether with natural water or antifreeze liquid, are the hoses, sea filters, funnel, clamps, bands, and the water booster pump.

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How Do the Components of a Boat's Cooling System Work?

The funnel is a piece that allows water to enter from the outside. This tool has a handle to stop the water flow if you have a problem with a hose clamp or a cracked hose. Also, you should check the cooling system components monthly to ensure they remain in good condition. The filter is designed to stop debris, sand, leaves, and more when the water enters, preventing damage to the cooling system. The filter works like a pool grinder plus, there are different types, but all have a removable part that must be checked and cleaned or replaced periodically. Hoses, clamps, and bands are vital to the boat's cooling system and should also be checked regularly. Don't forget to visually inspect the hoses, clamps, and bands every time you check the oil. All hoses below the water line must be double clamped to prevent leaks in the filters. If you find a damaged filter, cracked or torn hose, or damaged belts, you must replace them immediately. When replacing belts, ensure that they are the same diameter, length, and temperature requirement as suggested by the manufacturer. The water pump, driven by a belt on the engine, contains an impeller. Usually, it's easy to access this band to check on it or, if necessary, replace it.

Using the Right Additives

Adding a gasoline engine antifreeze in the cooling system will prevent the water from freezing and damaging the engine in cold weather while keeping rust from forming within the freshwater system. 50/50 is the most common mixture of water and antifreeze, but it's advisable to use a higher percentage of antifreeze in the engine during the autumn and wintertime. In short, the cooling system circulates coolant through the manifold, head, blocks, etc. This water absorbs the heat from the engine and is expelled overboard. If you want to learn more about oil formulas to boost your boat's performance, stop by the AMSOIL online store.

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