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As the weather gets colder, your car will really start to feel the effects of the winter. To avoid any car issues while on the road, take some time to ensure your car's fluids are in good shape.

Keep an Eye on These Fluids This Winter

As the winter temperatures start to take a serious dip, you want to be sure your car is adequately prepared for these changes. Since your car's fluids are what keep it going, making some time to check on these before the real cold arrives is a must. Knowing that your fluids are in good shape and at their proper levels will give you some peace of mind on the road this winter. To get started, check out the useful tips below.

Brake Fluid

Your brake fluid will be super important this winter because it keeps your brakes performing their job properly. Without the right amount of brake fluid, you can put yourself in danger on the already dangerous winter roads. Checking your brake fluid isn't very hard since most brake fluid reservoirs are transparent, making it easy to see how much is in there. You will, of course, have to identify where your brake fluid reservoir is located first. The reservoir should have a marker that indicates the ideal level for this fluid. If it's running low, topping it off isn't enough. Since it's in a closed system, significant changes in your brake fluid level shouldn't be ignored. This can not only cause your brakes to malfunction, but it can also indicate you've got another type of issue in your brake system.


Your car's coolant plays a significant role in ensuring your car is running at its ideal operating temperature. Not enough coolant or even old coolant can lead your car to overheat, leaving you stranded on the cold winter roads. Because of this, it's super important that you check on your coolant this winter. Checking it isn't hard either. Simply pop your hood, identify the coolant reservoir, and open it up once your car has cooled down. Take a look inside and check that you have the right amount according to the markers on the reservoir. If you don't, top it off with the same type of coolant. Coolant is usually diluted with a bit of water, so it's important that you make sure you don't use too much water this winter. Using too much water can lead to your coolant freezing and causing serious damage to your cooling system.

Synthetic Oil

The dropping temperatures can take a serious toll on your motor oil. Most motor oils will become thick and sluggish as a result of the cold, leaving your engine exposed to wear. You can prevent this from becoming an issue for your car by using a synthetic oil which won't lose its properties no matter how cold it gets outside. Thanks to its formula, synthetic oil will hold on to its properties even on the coldest of days. Before topping off your oil, be sure you're using the best oil for your car. Prepare your car to take on the winter cold without a stitch by giving it a synthetic oil change in Austin. Not sure what oil to use in your engine? Contact AMSOIL Dealer- Carol Bell for product recommendations, including AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil. For more recommendations like this, give them a call at (512) 658-0357.

Transmission Fluid

Your transmission fluid ensures that you're able to shift gears smoothly on the road. Without it, your car can run into some serious trouble. If your car's transmission is sealed, you'll need to get professional help to check on your transmission fluid. Otherwise, you'll be able to check on it yourself. When inspecting your transmission fluid you'll want to be sure it's reddish in color and doesn't smell burnt. Transmission fluid changes are recommended every 30,000 miles, but it's best to check your manufacturer's recommendations for the most accurate advice.

Windshield Washer Fluid

Windshield washer fluid may not seem like the most important fluid to keep an eye on, but running out of it can leave you frustrated and can compromise your visibility. If you're running a bit low on this fluid, top it off so that you're sure you'll be able to clean your windshield when needed throughout the winter. It's best to use a winter grade since the cold temperatures can cause your normal fluid to freeze.

Prepare Your Car for Winter With a Synthetic Oil Change in Austin, TX

Don't let the winter cold mess with your engine! Prepare your car for the cold with a synthetic oil change in Austin. Contact AMSOIL Dealer- Carol Bell at (512) 658-0357 to find all the best AMSOIL Oil products for your car. You can also browse their products in their online store.

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