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Riding your motorcycle during the winter can be done, you simply have to be smart about your choices. If you're not planning to store your motorcycle next season, use these tips to stay safe.

Safely Ride Your Motorcycle This Winter

Most motorcycle riders dread the thought of having to put their motorcycle away for an entire season. While this practice is recommended, it doesn't mean you absolutely must do it. In fact, you can continue to ride your motorcycle through the winter as long as the weather permits it and you're sure you're prepared for the tricky conditions. Use these tips to help you get ready for cold weather riding.

Warm up Your Tires

It's no secret that as winter approaches, temperatures will start to drop. In some cases, this temperature drop may be quite drastic. What this means for your tires is a drop in air pressure, leading to reduced traction on the road. Although traction is always important, it may be even more important during the winter when roads may be more slick and slippery. To combat this reduced traction, be sure to check on your tire pressure regularly and inflate your tires as needed. While you're at it, be sure to give the tread an inspection as well . If your tires are quite worn, balding, or have other issues, change them before the real winter weather hits. If you're worried about riding on cold tires, warm them up before hitting the road. Instead of swaying on your motorcycle, try accelerating and stopping a few times. This will help your tires warm up faster, just be sure to do it somewhere safe.

Invest in Cold Weather Gear

Winter riding means wearing your leather jacket will be much more comfortable than during any other season. Below your leather jacket, be sure to wear base layers that will help your sweat evaporate without leaving you cold under your layers. Wear the proper gear just like during any other season, but consider investing in winter items for maximum comfort and safety. For example, look for something to keep your neck warm and be sure you have waterproof gloves that will keep you hands warm. If you're prone to getting cold during your rides, look into heated gear or even a heated seat.

Look at Your Fluids

Now that you're ready to take on the cold, be sure your motorcycle is too. Prepare your motorcycle with the right antifreeze mix that won't freeze no matter how low temperatures dip. Be sure to also check on your hoses to avoid being surprised by leaks that can leave you stranded in the cold. Next, give your motorcycle a synthetic oil change that will keep your engine protected no matter how cold it gets on the road. A synthetic motorcycle oil will hold onto its properties in subzero temperatures, ensuring your engine is well protected even on cold starts. Check out AMSOIL's full range of synthetic motorcycle oils here! Prepare your motorcycle for freezing temperatures with a synthetic oil change in Austin. To find the perfect products for your motorcycle, contact AMSOIL Dealer- Carol Bell at (512) 658-0357. You can also stop by their online shop where you will find a full range of their best AMSOIL Oil products.

Stay Alert on the Road

Motorcycle riders are more exposed to road dangers, which is why you need to always stay alert when out in traffic. Avoid riding when you're tired and never drink alcohol before hopping on your motorcycle. Pay attention to the road ahead of you and look out for dangerous patches of ice. Avoid riding over snow and other substances that may be hiding potholes and other road inconsistencies.

Take Extra Safety Precautions

We don't doubt that you do your best to stay safe on the road anytime you're out, but extra safety precautions may be necessary this season. Most drivers may be less aware of motorcyclists because they expect fewer on the road this season. For this reason, be extra careful about hiding in their blind spot or riding too close to them. Increase your following distance, be sure your lights work, and avoid poorly lit roads. If you're feeling a bit unsafe, slow down or pull off the road until you're ready to continue.

Synthetic Motorcycle Oil in Austin, TX

To find the perfect synthetic motorcycle oil, contact the pros at AMSOIL Dealer- Carol Bell. They can help you find the perfect products for your next synthetic oil change. Check out AMSOIL's 15W-60 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil to keep your motorcycle riding strong all winter. To learn more, contact them at (512) 658-0357.

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