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Getting rid of scratches and tiny dents shouldn't be an expensive task. Keep reading this post by AMSOIL Dealer - Carol Bell in Austin to learn simple ways to fix surface damage and keep your car looking spotless.

Maintaining your car in pristine condition despite the years of wear will always be a source of pride for many drivers, especially those who have ventured into collecting classics. Still, it will also indicate the worth of your car if you decide to put it up for sale.

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Every Driver Goes through This

Even with the most experienced drivers and owners, the risk of suffering a small dent is always present, especially in the lower parts of the car. However, there are different methods to fix those imperfections in the vehicle's surface without painting over them, which could save you a lot of money, even if you require specific tools to get it done. This post centers on learning how to fix surface damage in your car, focusing on indentations that harmed the vehicle's overall appearance. But first, you must understand that this method is quite helpful when dealing with tiny dents that weren't deep enough to remove the car's paint.

Get a Dent Repair Kit

There are kits on the market to carry out this step yourself, and you can find most of these at affordable prices. The majority include a slide hammer and dent puller to remove these marks without vexation. Apart from the sliding side hammer and dent puller glue tabs, you'll require isopropyl alcohol, a clean cloth, a plastic putty knife, and hot glue. To fix surface damage, you should know there are more complete packages that may include various tools to fix it among the different repair kit options, but it depends on availability.

Before Getting Started

You ought to wipe the surface clean first. This is where the cloth with alcohol comes in to get rid of any grease or dirt in the area to ensure the glue works and sticks correctly. The dent repair kit must have dent pullers of different measures. Try to choose the one that best suits the dent you need to fix. Next, you must plug in your glue gun and linger until the silicone has liquified enough to apply to the pull tab. For this, you'll need to wait until the glue comes out on its own from the gun.

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Proceed with Extreme Caution

Spread a glue coating over the tab and put it in the middle of the dent. It would be best if you waited for the hot glue to dry thoroughly; if you don't, it won't work correctly. After that, use your slide hammer, so try placing the complementary clamp for the tab and set it in the proper position to start removing the dent. That being said, putting a lot of effort into the hammer can aggravate the dent, so it is suggested to abstain from making a hard initial blow. For this reason, it'll be best to start small and see how the panel where the dent is will react. When pulling the hammer, you'll realize how the dent responds to the motion, and it's imperative to keep yourself from exceeding the applied force, as you can form an uneven surface in the dented zone. Then, the plastic spatula will facilitate the removal of the glue tab from the car and the excess glue that has remained on the surface.


Finally, you may need to polish the area you are repairing as you'll likely need to remove scratches from the dent. Keep in mind that this exercise can fade some blows, but it can simply reduce them at most in complicated cases. Whatever the case, it's always good to repair your vehicle to keep it in good condition and will surely prolong its useful life and resale value.

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