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Having bad driving habits can put you and others in danger while being on the road. To ensure your safety and your car's wellbeing, learn about good driving habits in this post by AMSOIL Dealer - Carol Bell.

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After driving for a long time, it can be easy to develop bad habits such as texting, eating, listening to loud music, and more. However, drivers have a great responsibility to drive in a way that is safe for themselves and safe for others. Driving safely is not only about being responsible but about being focused and alert to how others are driving. To ensure your safety and your car's wellbeing, develop these good driving habits that AMSOIL Dealer - Carol Bell in Austin has listed for you in this article.

Pay Attention to Your Following Distance

Many drivers forget all about following distance, especially if they are in a hurry. However, by not keeping proper following distance, you risk hitting the rear-end of the vehicle in front of you in case of a sudden stop. It is recommended to maintain at least 2-3 seconds of distance. By doing so, you also give the car behind your space to react to any unexpected movement. Keep enough distance from the vehicles beside you if possible.

Turn down the Music

Driving while listening to music is surely very enjoyable. However, it is a hazardous habit. Listening to loud music while driving, just like using your phone, lowers your concentration levels greatly. It's important that you can hear what is happening outside and be able to react to sudden movements or happenings on the road. It's best to be safe, as blasting music can cause road accidents.

Keep Your Phone Away

Is one of your bad driving habits texting while driving? If so, you should change this habit as soon as possible. Using the phone while driving is one of the most common causes of road accidents. When driving, the most important thing is your safety. This means that a text message or answering a phone call can wait until you pull over or arrive at your destination. Keep your phone in your purse or place it in your center console until it is safe to use it.

Follow the Speed Limit

If surpassing the speed limit is one of your bad driving habits, it's time to change. If you are driving in a residential area or school zone, respecting the speed limit is essential. Remember that the speed limit is the maximum limit, not a recommended speed. Make it a habit to become aware of the posted speed limits. Respecting the speed limit can keep you safe, especially when driving on bad road or weather conditions.

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Check for Blind Spots

Checking for blind spots is a habit every driver should develop. Along with checking your side mirrors and review mirror, check for blind spots. It may require you to turn your head, but you can prevent a collision with a car or a motorcycle by doing so. Make the extra effort to check for blind spots before switching lanes or at any other instance where you consider it necessary.

Give Your Vehicle Proper Maintenance

Developing good driving habits is not enough to ensure your safety on the road. Therefore, give your vehicle frequent maintenance and ensure that everything works properly. Neglecting to do so can cause your car to malfunction while you drive, causing an accident. Take your vehicle for an inspection and make sure to get an oil change and get your transmission fluid and brake and power fluid changed. Give your tires a good check while you are at it. Speak with a professional at AMSOIL Dealer - Carol Bell, and learn how to give your vehicle proper maintenance. Learn about the benefits of giving your engine a synthetic oil change in Austin and about amazing products like AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil. For more information, visit the online store or call (512) 658-0357.

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