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Motorcycle maintenance for a new rider may seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Check out these tips to keep your motorcycle in great shape.

The Basics of Motorcycle Maintenance

Buying a motorcycle is expensive, so keep your investment well protected. To keep your motorcycle looking great and riding even better you'll want to do your best to keep up with motorcycle maintenance. Not sure where to get started with your maintenance tasks? This post can help!

Read the Owner's Manual

If you're a new motorcycle owner looking for the most accurate information regarding motorcycle maintenance, your first stop should be your owner's manual. Not surprisingly, your owner's manual will be full of useful information regarding what maintenance to perform and how often to do it. There are quite a few different tasks to keep up with and some tasks will have to be performed more often than others, so your manual will be a great tool to help you stay on top of it all. From adjustments to changing fluids, look for the specifics in your owner's manual before trusting a stranger's opinion.

Why Regular Maintenance Is So Important

Maintenance may seem like no big deal, but certain tasks are super important for the wellbeing of your motorcycle. If you don't know how to perform a maintenance task, don't feel bad. There are plenty of pros who can take care of it for you. If your motorcycle is new, it may not need as much maintenance as often, but as the years pass and it gets older, maintenance will be needed more often and can become more time-consuming. To prevent serious damages to your bike, don't neglect even the most simple of maintenance tasks. One important maintenance task you should never skip is a  synthetic oil change in Austin. Contact AMSOIL Dealer- Carol Bell to find the perfect oil for your ride. Get recommendations for products like AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil. Call them at (512) 658-0357 for more information.

Maintenance Tasks Owners Can Take Care Of

Whether you've owned a motorcycle for a long time or you're a new motorcycle rider, there are some maintenance tasks you won't have trouble performing, no matter the skill level. Below are some tasks just about anyone can perform with the right instructions.


Ensuring that your tires are at the proper air pressure level is super easy. All you need is your owner's manual, a pressure gauge and a little bit of time to check the pressure. You don't want to ride around on overinflated or under-inflated tires because this can negatively affect your traction and maneuvering. Check your owner's manual for a recommended pressure level and use the gauge to check your tires. You can easily fill them up if needed at your local gas station.


Your motorcycle's coolant should only take a few minutes to check, so don't put this off if it's needed. Most motorcycles have a coolant expansion tank that allows you to see your coolant levels without having to touch anything. If not, you can also remove the radiator cap and take a look inside. There should be an indicator line that tells you how full it should be. Fill it up to this line and don't go past it. Changing the coolant when it's ready to be replaced isn't hard either. Use the instructions in your owner's manual and you can probably have it done in about 30 minutes.

Oil Changes

Another fluid change you can perform yourself is an oil change. Regular oil changes are important for the wellbeing of your engine, so definitely don't neglect these. Your owner's manual should have detailed instructions regarding the parts you'll need and the steps you'll need to take. If you don't feel confident taking on this task all on your own quite yet, head over to your dealership to get it done while you sharpen your skills.

Spark Plugs

The spark plugs won't need to be changed often so this isn't something to be too concerned about if your bike is brand new. When it does come time to change them, the process will wholly depend on the type of bike you have. On most motorcycles, it's a quick and easy change. You'll just need to purchase the right tools and parts for the job, so don't skimp on anything and follow what your manual tells you!

Synthetic Oil Change in Austin, TX

To keep your motorcycle running strong, give it a synthetic oil change in Austin as often as is recommended. To find the right oil for the job, contact AMSOIL Dealer- Carol Bell at (512) 658-0357. They can give you personalized advice to make finding the right oil for your motorcycle a breeze. You can also check out their online store for a full range of the best AMSOIL Oil products.

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