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During the driving test, a series of general mistakes can make students fail the exam. Keep reading this post by AMSOIL Dealer - Carol Bell in Austin and see what you can do to avoid these common blunders.

Despite taking a significant number of practical lessons at the driving school, many students fail the exam day because they can't control their nerves and fear of driving. These thoughts are triggered mainly by personal insecurities so, this post shares some pointers to help you succeed in this test and get your driver's license the first time around.

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Pay Attention to Obstacles

When you come across obstacles in your lane, make sure that nothing comes close to the car. Then start overtaking them at a distance of about 20 yards. And don't forget to signal the maneuver!

Be Careful With Lane Changes

When you change lanes, it's super important that you follow the RSM safety maneuver. First, look at the rear-view mirror, turn on the turn signal, and subsequently, move laterally. Don't forget to shake your head slightly when looking in the rearview mirror!


Who hasn't felt nervous when it comes to parking the car? Either way, the key is to get off to a good start. Stand at a distance of half a meter from the vehicle you take as a reference. Plus, there's a reliable method to do this; place your mirror parallel to that of the other car, turn the steering wheel inwards, back up until you see the license plate of the other vehicle in the center of your window, then straighten the car, and that's it. This tip doesn't fail, so get out there and practice, but be aware of your car's size and where you want to put it.

Start On an Uphill Slope

This will help in keeping the car stalling on the slopes. The first thing you have to do is raise the clutch to the point that the gear lever and the steering wheel vibrate. Then, release the brake and, while holding the clutch, proceed to accelerate.

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Be Careful With the Stops

When you come to a stop, and there's a lack of visibility, approach with your torso and head leaning forward. Then come to a complete stop as soon as you have visibility to keep going on your way.

Follow Directions to Yield On Time

If you come to a yield without visibility, you can shift to 1st gear. Don't forget the difference between a stop and a yield. This step is one of the most critical ones in the practical evaluation.

Hand Placement Matters

When thinking about learning to drive standard or automatic vehicles, people tend to forget something major, even if they believe it's not that important, the position of their hands on the steering wheel. Try picturing a clock. Then it would be best if you placed both of your hands at 9 and 3, respectively. When turning the steering wheel, remember it must be turned with both hands, changing the position and interposing them.

Adjust Mirrors For a Greater View

The side mirrors and the rearview mirror are essential and vital to consider when learning to drive since their use will help you move while keeping a safe distance from other cars. Remember to constantly adjust them before starting so you can avoid having to correct them while driving, as it may result in an unwanted distraction.

Use the Seat Belt

Seat belts are in charge of protecting all passengers from accidents and save lives. Please don't overlook this step, neglecting it's penalized in many cities around the country, and in the absence of it, you'll get a substantial traffic fine. Most cars have a seatbelt indicator, which will warn you with a light on the dashboard or an audible signal when it detects that you are not wearing it. In this case, pay attention to the signs of your car.

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