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Most motorcyclists prefer to use their bikes in the sunniest months of the year, but riding a motorcycle in autumn sounds more appealing to some. Follow these tips by AMSOIL Dealer - Carol Bell in Austin!

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Most people won't even think about riding a motorcycle in autumn, but some riders are ready to head out to endure temperature changes once they get the right fit. Keep reading and jot down these tips!

Things Are Different

Technological advances are present in many fields, and that means riding attire. Winter clothing now incorporates protective upgrades, so riding a motorcycle could be as pleasant as you need despite the cold weather. Having special gear and equipment to ride your motorbike at your disposal is worth the investment, especially if you have to ride during the fall and wintertime. If you ride your motorcycle often and for long periods, you must wear the right gear to protect the body from the weather. Also, don't forget this applies to every season, such as dressing yourself to endure the whole day outdoors and making decisions based only on what the weatherman said in the A.M.

Refrain from Wearing Excessive Layers

Excessive layers of clothing hold back your mobility altogether. The old concept of "the more clothes, the better" cannot be more expired. Besides, wearing that many clothes can put you in a difficult position when you ride astride. For instance, you must be as free to move as possible to control the motorcycle completely. If you are excessively layering to compensate for the season, you'll look like a stuffed animal that can barely move. Always wear what's necessary, but enough garments to keep you warm.

Mid Layers

Once you've put on thermal underwear, you can add a middle layer depending on how cold you feel. Opt for something that won't impact your mobility; it won't hurt to use a sweatshirt, lining, or a derivative material that isolates your body from the cold without being too bulky. Using leather isn't fitting in fall and winter because its caloric properties are inversely proportional. It won't keep you warm in fall and winter but will protect you against abrasion.

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Don't Forget to Wear Gloves and Boots

Human limbs are very delicate; if they are cold and the rest of the body is warm, you'll feel chilly all day. Legs and arms bear a lot of cold, and you need them for almost any movement or action while you ride. Please keep them warm by using gloves and boots when riding a motorcycle in autumn.

Insert a Pinlock Visor into the Helmet

Breathing with the helmet screen closed will produce fog, which is understandable due to the temperature difference, forcing you to open the screen to dissipate your vision. Use a pin-lock to reduce this effect to a minimum. It's a small screen with a silicone edge that adheres to the helmet screen's inner face, creating a sealed air chamber that keeps the mist from arising.

Wearing a Raincoat as a Top Coat

If you need one more garment to protect you from water, you can use a raincoat as the last layer of your outfit to prevent you from getting wet. Although it doesn't create heat, it will act as a windbreaker, preventing air and water from getting to your body.


When the motorcycle is parked, riders keep the gloves inside the helmet for convenience, but the inside gets dirty due to the gloves' filth. Try to avoid this habit if you want to keep your head clean.

Be Careful

If the asphalt remains gray, take it as a sign that everything is fine and that you should keep riding. But if the color shifts into black, be extremely careful. There's usually a more slippery surface. On the other hand, if you notice a white-ish color, it's because there's salt, ideal for absorbing moisture but not so much for tilting.

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