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Believe it or not, your car's transmission is vulnerable in everyday actions. Thus, AMSOIL Dealer - Carol Bell in Austin weighs in on a few passive tips to keep the transmission safe when stopping or parking the car. 

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The act of driving is a procedure that people have so engrained into their brains that some people forget to break the act of driving into steps. But are you acquainted with the stages in the process that you should do when parking the vehicle? Unfortunately, few people know that shutting down the car after parking it incorrectly can cause a backlash. For instance, this could affect several of the car's components, particularly the car's transmission. With this premise, AMSOIL Dealer - Carol Bell will dive into a few passive pointers to keep the transmission safe when parking.

Consider These Steps When Dealing with Automatic Transmissions

This process won't vary much, no matter the type of transmission. Yet, despite the variables, you must follow these indications when turning off the car after parking it.
  1. When the car is in the proper and safe parking position, press down on the brake pedal to redirect the transmission lever from position D or R to N.
  2. Now that the lever is in N, which indicates it'll utilize the handbrake, also known as the parking brake, to the total pressure position.
  3. Once the transmission lever remains at N, slowly disengage the brake pedal until the car relies on the brakes. Then, press the brake pedal again.
  4. Move the lever to the parking position, also known as P, and turn off the car's engine.

The Same Can Happen in Manual Transmissions

See, this ritual can prevent potential harm when the driver redistributes the car's weight to the brakes. This will help to keep the transmission safe by leaving it free from unnecessary wear and tear. Still, when it comes to downhills or if you need to park the car on a slope, turn the steering wheel in the direction of the sidewalk before turning off the car. If you have to go up in the opposing direction, please do your best to keep the wheels from hitting the pathway. Doing this will keep things from going south with the brakes or transmission. The car will move in the direction of the curb, recharge, and stop to lower deterioration.

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Dealing with a Manual Transmission

If the car you are driving is equipped with a manual transmission, try following this parking process to protect this component:
  1. Set the transmission neutral when the car is in the proper and secure parking place by pushing the brake pedal with your foot.
  2. Use the parking brake all the way to the total pressure position. Then, turn off the car's motor.
  3. Then, release the brake pedal slowly with the transmission still in neutral mode.
  4. After that, set the gear lever in the first gear position.

Familiarize Yourself with the Transmission's Composition

Remember that the transmission is a series of gears that can get stuck if they handle the car's weight. Therefore, the car's braking system will smoothly hold the vehicle's weight for more efficiency. Ultimately, these steps keep the undesired scenario mentioned above from happening. The vehicle's entire weight is put on the parking brakes, so it doesn't depend exclusively on the mechanical gears. However, you must set the car in first gear and activate the parking brake for this to work.

The Transmission Fluids

Using these liquids keeps metallic pieces from buffing out due to routinary abrading motions. Yet, they can also reduce friction between the gears and parts that grate against each other. Metallic elements endure plenty of friction, especially the gears moving in extreme proximity. In the end, this can cause unnecessary wear and high temperatures that end up weakening these pieces until they warp or crack. Thus, if you want to keep the transmission safe you need to go for a high-quality transmission fluid to ensure proper operation.

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