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Car issues can happen all year round, but some are more common during the summer. This post will help you learn some tips to avoid the most common summer car issues.

How to Avoid These Common Summer Car Issues

Planning on taking a summer road trip? The season is perfect for it, so why not head out on the open road? Before you do, however, be sure you car is ready for the long stretches of driving. The summer heat and other conditions can combine to create some serious summer car troubles. To avoid these issues, check out the following tips.

Overheating Engine

Many people think that the summer heat is more than enough to cause an overheating engine. To put it simply, that's not quite true. While the summer heat can increase operating temperatures under the hood, this alone won't cause an overheating engine. For this to happen, your cooling system will have to have some kind of already existing issue. This can be anything from a leak to a fan that doesn't work. You may not notice the issue until the heat causes it to get worse. This is why overheating engines tend to be a common concern during the summer months. Luckily, there are ways to detect when there is an issue in your cooling system. If there is some sort of leak, you will notice coolant spilling out under your hood or even a puddle or drops of coolant under your car. It's a good idea to check on your coolant level regularly. If you notice your level of coolant drops quite quickly, this is another indicator that there is a leak. Finally, look out for steam coming out from under your hood and don't ignore your coolant indicator light if it lights up on your dashboard. Did you know that your motor oil also helps keep your engine cool? To ensure your motor stays in great shape this summer, give it a synthetic oil change in Austin. If you need help finding the right oil for your engine, contact AMSOIL Dealer- Carol Bell. Their oil experts can recommend products like AMSOIL's Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil. To learn more, give them a call at (512) 658-0357.

Flat Tires

Flat tires aren't a seasonal thing, but there is no doubt that the summer heat can increase the occurrence of flat tires. Like during any other season, flat tires can be cause by sharp objects on the road, potholes, and other road dangers. However, the summer heat can also affect your tires' condition, making them more susceptible to damage. For example, the heat tends to make air expand, meaning that your tires can get overinflated because of the excess heat. To avoid issues related to overinflated tires, take the time to check on your tire pressure regularly. With the sun out at full force, the pavement can also get extremely hot. Since your tires are constantly in contact with the street, this heat can add even more stress to them. If your tires are already damaged or your tread is quite worn, this extra stress can lead to more issues more quickly. Keep an eye on your tread and change your tires when they are looking worn. Another thing to check on is your tire alignment. You want to be sure they are not showing signs of uneven wear as this can lead to flats more quickly.

Air Conditioning Issues

Your car's air conditioning isn't just a comfort thing. In fact, during the summer, your air conditioning can be crucial in extreme heat. If you're taking a road trip through some seriously hot areas, using your air conditioning to keep cool will be necessary. This will help keep you alert and will reduce the chances of you suffering from serious issues like heat stroke. If your air conditioning isn't working or isn't as cool as it used to be, get it serviced right away. Since this is something people commonly leave for the summer, you may have to wait a while for an appointment with your mechanic. Keep this in mind for next year and try to schedule a tune up or air conditioning service before the summer season is in full effect.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change in Austin, TX

Before you hit the road for your summer road trip, give your car a synthetic oil change in Austin. If you're not sure what oil to use, contact AMSOIL Dealer- Carol Bell at (512) 658-0357. You can also browse their full range of products in their online shop.

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