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When it comes to vehicle maintenance, it's better to do everything in your power to be safe than sorry. For that reason, AMSOIL Dealer - Carol Bell shares some advice on tire basics that every driver should know.

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The oil pros at AMSOIL Dealer - Carol Bell, share their pointers on tire basics for amateurish motorists in this post. This list includes essential tasks from how to change a tire, jump-start the vehicle, or change the windshield wipers. Some are more important than others, but all will eventually come in handy. You'll know when.

How to Change a Tire

This task is as basic as tire basics can be. Changing a tire is a skill that will get any driver out of trouble on the road. The first thing you have to do is pull over to avoid accidents and frustration on fellow drivers. Don't forget to turn on your flashing lights so that motorists can see you and get a hint of your intentions. Then, find a flat, solid surface to change the tire. If you drive a standard vehicle, put it in first gear or reverse. But, if your car is automatic, opt for the park option. Then, place something heavy, like a stone if you don't have wheel chocks, in front of and behind the other tire. Take out the cross wrench and the jack to raise the car. You should always carry these essential mechanical items in the car's boot, also known as the trunk. Then, take the lug wrench to loosen the screws, but not too much. Once they are all loose, use the jack to raise the car.

Look for the Surface to Place the Jack

It's often placed on the back of the tire or the chassis. If you can't find where to put it, always check the manual for reference, and don't forget to always carry it with you or look under the car for a mark that indicates a safe spot to t put to place the jack. Once you get the jack in a good area, start raising the car enough so that the tire scratches the ground. Jacks typically work on pressure, so you'll have to pump to lift it. Finish loosening and remove all the screws and the rim when the latter is raised. If it's too tight, tap around it to make it come off. To remove the spare tire, make sure that the jack is placed in the correct position, preferably put the flat tire under the car so that if it slips off the jack, the car falls on it and thus avoid accidents.

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Final Steps

Once you've got the spare tire out, please put it on and all the bolts on. But be careful in doing so. Tauten each one a little at a time, enough to secure it, but not too firmly; the rim could be unbalanced. If you fully tighten one bolt before the others. Next, lower the car from the jack by releasing pressure; usually, the jack has a valve. Finish tightening the bolts by applying all your strength with the vehicle down. If necessary, use your weight to secure them completely.


If you bought your first car or started driving recently, it's good to remind you of the implications of this responsibility. For instance, remaining alert to spot even the tiniest faults will be critical to fix these on time to prevent future damage. Though being vigilant may get tedious after a while, you'll see that this practice will save a couple of expensive vehicle repairs. Remember, keeping your vehicle in good shape will even spare you from experiencing uncomfortable moments, such as getting stranded on the road.

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