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The season is perfect for heading out on the trail for some ATV riding. Before you head out, however, it's important that you keep these safety tips from AMSOIL Dealer - Carol Bell in Austin in mind.

Use These Tips to Stay Safe on Your ATV

Get ready for ATV riding season! Part of getting ready should include reviewing safety tips that will help keep you safe out on the trail. Always keep in mind that ATVs are powerful and should therefore not be treated as a toy. The tips below can help you stay safe.

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Know What Gear Is Needed

You may be eager to hit the trail, but before you do, be sure you're wearing the proper gear. This may not sound like a big deal, but wearing the right items can make a huge difference. Start by ensuring you have a helmet that fits you properly. A DOT-certified helmet will be your best option since you will be able to rely on it in case of an accident. Of course, it has to fit you properly to be comfortable and to keep you safe. On top of this, you should also be outfitted properly. Start by putting on long pants and a long sleeve top. These will keep your skin covered and protected from the sun, flying debris, and the elements. Goggles are a must since they will keep everything out of your eyes so you always have a clear view of the road. Gloves are also a huge help since they will keep your hands out of the sun and will give you a better grip.

Stay on a Marked Trail

ATVs are meant to be ridden on trails, so do your best to stay on them. It's even better if you stick to designated riding trails so that you don't run into any unforeseen danger. Avoid riding your ATV on paved roads since they aren't meant for this type of riding. If you do go on a paved road, drivers may not expect to see you there, putting them and you in danger. On top of this, your ATV may get more wear and tear since this isn't the ideal situation for use.

Know the Age Requirements

Laws around ATV riding ages can vary, so be sure to look up what they are in your area before heading out on the trail with your children. If they are of legal riding age, be sure their ATV is right for their age and size. ATVs can be dangerous, especially if they are too powerful and large for you. Ensure that you child understands that they aren't a toy and that they should be used responsibly. Always supervise your children under the age of 16 as they ride to ensure they don't do anything dangerous.

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Don't Ride Under the Influence

Riding with friends can be a great time, but it's super important that you don't drink and ride. Save the drinks for after a day out on the trail so that you all stay safe. You may not realize it, but drinking and riding can be just as dangerous if not more than drinking and driving. You have less protection on an ATV, which can lead to serious injuries. If your judgment is impaired in any way, whether it's because of drinking, drugs, medication, or lack of sleep, it's best to leave the riding for another day.

Play It Safe

There are some very basic rules you need to always follow when on the trail without exception. These things are usually very obvious, but riders still ignore them sometimes. If your ATV is meant for one person, don't take passengers on it. If it's meant for two people, don't take more than that on your ATV. Always ride in a pack. You may have an accident or run into ATV trouble and get stranded on the trail. You don't know if someone will find you, so it's best to always go in a pack. Don't push your ATV to do things beyond what it's made for. Trying to impress your friends can lead to expensive damage to your bike and bodily harm to you, so it's not worth it.

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