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Teens who are just starting to practice driving on the road may feel nervous or scared. As a parent, it's important that you help them get comfortable as they learn. Use these tips from AMSOIL Dealer - Carol Bell.

Tips for Teen Drivers

It's no surprise that new drivers also tend to be nervous and anxious. If this sounds like your teen, you can help them get more comfortable behind the wheel so that they feel ready to take on the road. Use these simple tips to get your child on their way to becoming a great driver.

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Get to Know the Car

When your child is ready to jump into the driver's seat and practice for their driving exam, it's essential that they get familiar and comfortable with the car they will be using. This will be easier if they use the same car every time rather than switching between vehicles each time they go out for practice. Before taking off the first time, take the time to review the basics of the car. Go over the essentials with your child, such as the brake, the gas pedal, turn signals, lights, mirrors, and any other important knobs or buttons. This will help them feel more relaxed than if they were to start looking for the turn signal while already in motion.

Start Moving

Don't expect your child to pull out of the driveway and start driving on the road right away. To ensure they don't try to do too much too fast, drive them to where they will be practicing. This may be something like an empty parking lot with plenty of space for them to drive around in. They should be able to practice accelerating and braking smoothly to get comfortable with the pedals' sensitivity. Have them practice turns as well so that they get comfortable with the steering wheel. They should also be practicing driving while checking their mirrors so that they can get comfortable with this. Once they master these basics, have them practice parking and backing up.

Make Slow Progress

Driving can be scary for someone who is just learning, so be patient with them. Don't expect them to be ready for a busy road after a couple of hours of practice. Avoid pushing them too hard because this can stress them out further. Once your child is totally comfortable with the empty parking lot lessons, move on to a residential street with little traffic and a low-speed limit. Use this space to practice driving at the right speed, stopping at stop signs, turning, and even parallel parking.

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Keep Your Cool

You may be nervous sitting in the passenger's seat, but don't forget that your child may be just as stressed as you. Do your best to stay relaxed and keep your nerves under control. Yelling at your child, grabbing the steering wheel, and making your nervousness obvious will only stress them out further. Do keep your eyes on the road and reassure them as they go. Ask questions to guide them and give them gentle reminders if they forget to do something, like turn on their turn signal while turning.

Talk About Car Safety

It's important to talk to your child about car safety, even if it seems like it's not yet relevant. They should get comfortable with the dashboard lights and to identify what they mean. Also, don't forget to point out the signs to dodge trouble since this skill will come in handy when they get their license and hit the road more regularly. Establish a cellphone policy and a friend policy so that they stay safe and follow the rules after getting their license.

Look for a Driving School

Finally, it's never a bad idea to enroll your child in a driving school. If it's hard for you to keep your cool while teaching your child to drive, having an expert take care of this can be a great option. This can be less stressful for both of you and can help your child get the driving practice they need to pass their test.

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