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Since the brake system is one of the vehicle's principal safety elements, this post by  AMSOIL Dealer - Carol Bell in Austin can help you learn the basics of this system to prevent brake damage in your car!

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Brakes Are More Reliable Than Ever

The braking system in modern cars has valuable features that make it highly safe and reliable. Overall, the command and control system is hydraulic, although there are differences from one car model to another regarding the design and arrangement of specific drive circuits. In braking devices, the solutions are limited to two main options: drum brakes or disc brakes. For the braking system to keep working correctly, it's necessary to keep the discs and pads in perfect condition. Amongst its several components, friction elements such as discs and pads need recurrent upkeep and replacements once they wear out. In fact, with each braking, the friction consumes both pads and discs' material.

Preventive Maintenance

It's necessary to carry out preventive and corrective maintenance on time and replace old pieces after reaching a specific wear limit. This procedure helps the car and keeps the brake system operating correctly. The braking band (Min TH) is usually displayed on the discs, while the brake pads typically have a wear notice to inform you when to replace them.

Different Types of Brakes

This post centers around disc brakes and drum brakes though there's a wide brake variety if you want to get specific details. There are disc brakes, drum brakes, ABS brakes, or parking brakes to sum it all up. Though the first ones are divided into:
  • Floating discs with fixed calipers
  • Slotted discs with fixed calipers
  • Ventilated set discs with fixed calipers
  • Ventilated discs with floating calipers

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Disc Brakes

These are the most effective brakes and with the most variations on the market. They work effortlessly, for when you press the brake pedal, a liquid is released that goes directly to some pistons that push the brake pads. The brake pads create friction against the disc, and this causes the car's speed to decrease gradually. The four types of disc brakes, explained above, will vary depending on the disc's shape and its calipers' material.

Drum Brakes

This system is gradually disappearing from the market. However, there are still some car models that use this brake to save production costs. They have a very modest mechanism. When you step on the brake, a pair of shoes activates a drum associated with each tire that produces friction, which causes the loss of speed. Currently, drum brakes are installed only on the rear wheels of some vehicles.

Main Parts of the Brake System

The drum brake system consists of the drum, the shoes, and the brake plate. The drum is the moving part that is attached to the rim, the brake plate is the one that is fixed on the car, and the shoes are half-moon-shaped steel plates. Disc brakes have integrated a caliper, a piston, the brake pads, and the disc attached to the rim. The pads help stop the disc or slow it down and are connected to the caliper, while the piston creates pressure between the disc and the pads.


You must change and replace brakes and pads frequently for the braking system to operate correctly and spare you from experiencing brake failures. Also, don't forget to keep checking the brakes every 6,000 miles.

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